Harmonious Living/Dining Room

Warm earthy tones revitalize an unbalanced living/dining room and give a busy professional a place to relax and meditate.

After: Warm Harmony

Jennifer chooses a natural yellow for the wall color to add brightness and reflect the natural lighting. (Keep in mind that yellow often appears brighter when it's applied to a wall.) To tone down the bright yellow, a coat of grayer yellow is rolled on and brushed off using a technique called strie, also called dragging.

The beige carpeting is replaced with bamboo flooring for added grain and texture. The black sofa is reupholstered in an earthy brown fabric. Staying on the same side of the color wheel (in this case, warm) achieves harmony in a space. Jennifer's artwork, warm metal accents, extra lighting and bamboo bowls provide the finishing touches in the revitalized space.

Did You Know? Bamboo is almost as strong as steel; it's more stable than hardwood flooring, so it moves less and is less likely to heave in different temperatures and environments. Bamboo also rejuvenates much faster than any endangered rainforest hardwood.

Harmonious Living/Dining Room product information

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