Modern Kitchen

A young couple are renovating an unlivable 1890s house but are at a loss when it comes to the kitchen. Can a student designer modernize the space while honoring the history of the home?

  • The kitchen needs more than a makeover; it needs a complete do-over. There's very little counter space, only one drawer and the cabinets are falling apart. The young couple wants to maintain the historical era of the house but bring a more modern feel to the kitchen.
  • Medecke rebuilds the existing lower cabinets and adds some new ones; then he paints them brown with almond trim and silver handles.
  • With white walls, white floors and white appliances, this kitchen needs some color and style.
  • Although most of Medecke's design is modern, he pays homage to the historic home with this antique sideboard, which is from the same era as the home.


    • Furniture from Grandview Mercantile Co. Inc.
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