Garden-Inspired Master Bedroom

An old iron gate, rusty barrel hoops and brown paper bags are remixed with a lot of creativity to transform a boring master bedroom.

  • The walls and ceiling are two tones of beige: the original wall color and a lighter shade from an unfinished attempt to lighten the room.
  • The bed is moved to another wall, under the long window, and the dresser goes under the smaller window.
  • Now that their youngest son is six months old, Remi and Brian are ready to move his crib out of their room and into his own.
  • The crib and clutter are gone, and the remixed bed is the focal point of the garden-inspired design.
  • An old, traditional, upholstered chair gets a new life with a modern twist.
  • Hirsch and Remi transform the plain pine dresser with some brown paper bags and wood stain for an inexpensive leather look.
  • McAloon found some rusty barrel hoops in the backyard, which she paints with hammered spray paint to cover the rust. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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