French Provincial Sitting Room

The design team achieves yet another high-end look at a fraction of the cost.


To lighten up the dark fireplace and give it more character, bright blue tiles are used to create a new hearth. To start the project, tile backer board is laid down over the existing concrete hearth. A wood border is built around the backer board to create a frame for the tile.

The tiles are laid out on the backer board with spacers to determine the pattern and to see if any of the tiles need to be cut. The tiles are picked back up once the layout is determined. Mortar is mixed to the consistency of icing and then spread out with a trowel. The tile is then laid down with spacers. After the mortar has had time to set, the grouting begins. The grout is applied three to four times, then wiped off with a wet sponge each time.

The wrought-iron fireplace screen in the designer room cost more than $1,200. The Double Take team got lucky and found a very similar one at a garage sale for only $10.


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