Sophisticated Family Dining Room

A worn-out family area is transformed into an elegant and formal dining room.

  • Gary and Wendy Patriquin moved their young family into a large suburban home 25 years ago. Over the years they've fostered 57 kids as well as raised seven of their own, which left little time for home decorating.
  • To honor the Patriquins' love of family, Lawren, Belliveau and the couple's son Scot and daughter Heidi decided to transform this rundown space into an elegant formal dining room.
  • As the biggest room of the house, the space acts as the family gathering place but it lacks a purpose.
  • Much-needed shelving is custom-built on either side of the room's large window, a perfect place to show off the family's personal treasures.
  • To add interest to a blank wall, Lawren and Heidi created a unique project inspired by Wendy's love of birds.
  • For a personal touch, Belliveau and Scot monogram place settings for each family member. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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