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Cinnamon Tea Stirrer

Sok Kheng Bukoski paints a Santa design onto a 12-inch cinnamon stick stirrer.

Materials and Tools:

12" cinnamon stick
red, white and black acrylic paint
texture snow paint
quilter's flat-head pin
glue gun and hot-glue sticks
yarn or string
wax paper
wet paper towel


1. Paint a 1-inch tip on the 12-inch cinnamon stick with red acrylic paint. Set aside to dry about 10 minutes.

2. Fold a 4-inch piece of string in half and tie a knot. Apply hot glue to the back of the cinnamon stick along the red portion and glue the loop of string to the stick.

3. Paint snow paint around the red edge of the cinnamon stick for Santa's hat. Paint the beard down the stick shaping it to a rounded point. Leave an opening between the hat and beard to paint the face. Set aside in a bottle to dry for about three hours.

4. Dip a flat head pin into white acrylic paint and dab two dots on the face to make the eyes. Let dry for about five minutes.

5. Dip the point of a skewer into black acrylic paint and dot pupils onto the white paint of the eyes.

6. Wipe off the skewer with a wet paper towel and dab the skewer in red acrylic paint. Paint a red dot for the nose and paint on a smile. Allow piece to dry completely for at least two hours.

Caution: Do not dip painted portions into consuming liquids.

  • Please allow the texture paint to dry completely before using it to stir hot tea. Textured paint usually takes about 24 hours to completely dry and adhere to any surface.

Cinnamon Stick Stirrer by Sok Kheng Bukoski from Kingston, Wash.

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