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How to Make a Chubby Snowman

Sok Kheng Bukoski designs a chubby snowman for the holidays!


15" x 30" piece of chenille
6" x 6" piece of burlap
1/2 yard of muslin
20 oz. bag of polyfil
greens, berries and twigs
small stick
raffia and jute
4" x 20" strip of Berber fabric
2 black beads
1" x 2" piece of orange felt
4 big buttons
2 lbs. pea gravel
sewing machine
needle-and-button thread
needle-nose pliers
glue gun and hot-glue sticks
9" plate
cosmetic blush powder and make up brush

1. Cut a 15" x 32" piece of chenille fabric.

2. Fold the fabric in half so that the two 15-inch sides meet with right sides together.

3. Machine-stitch along the open end, forming a tube.

4. Hand-sew a running stitch along the open end and pull the thread tightly to gather the opening closed. Tie off the thread.

5. Turn the snowman's body right side out. Open the top and place pea gravel around the inside of the bottom to give weight to the snowman.

6. Stuff the snowman all the way to the top with polyester fiberfill.

7. Hand-sew a running stitch around the top. Pull the thread tightly to gather it around to close the top. Tie the thread off.

8. Snowman's Head:

  • Place a 9-inch plate on a piece of muslin and draw around it with a marker.
  • Cut out the circle for the snowman's head.

9. Hand-sew a running stitch around the edge of the muslin circle and gather it slightly. Stuff it with fiberfill, gather the thread and add more stuffing until it is firm. Gather the thread tightly and tie it off.

10. Snowman's Eye's:

  • Start at the back of the head and run black thread through the center to the front of the head.
  • String a black bead on the needle and stitch back through the head to the back of the head.
  • Pull the thread tight to define the facial expression and knot the thread.
  • Repeat with a second bead for the other eye.

11. Snowman's Nose:

  • Fold a 1" x 2" piece of orange felt in half and machine-stitch diagonally from corner to corner along the open edge.
  • Trim away the excess felt close to the stitching line.
  • Turn the nose right side out with the aid of needle-nose pliers.
  • Stuff the nose with fiberfill and hand-stitch the open end closed.

12. Cut a small slit in the head below the eyes to place the nose. Apply hot glue to the slit and glue the felt carrot nose onto the head.

13. Apply blush powder to the cheeks with a make up brush.

14. Put hot glue around the opening of the body and glue the head on the opening of the body.

15. Snowman's Hat:

  • Cut off the toe of a sock about 6-inches from the end.
  • Stuff the toe lightly.
  • Fit the stuffed sock on the snowman's head.
  • Turn up the cut edge of the sock to form a brim and hot glue around the hat onto the head.

16. Snowman's Arms:

  • Trace a banana on a double thickness of muslin for each arm.
  • Cut out the banana shape using two pieces of muslin for each arm.
  • Placing the two pieces of muslin together and machine stitch around leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.
  • Cut a small slit in one side of the arm and turn the fabric right side out.
  • Stuff the arm with fiberfill.
  • Stuff the hand end of the arm more tightly than the shoulder end.
  • Repeat for the second arm.

17. Broom:

  • Cut five pieces of raffia about 36-inches long.
  • Hold the pieces together in each hand and fold them in half so all the ends are together.
  • Place the ends along a small stick and make loops of raffia at the end of the stick.
  • Wrap a piece of raffia around the stick tying the raffia loops in place.
  • Cut the ends of the loops.

18. Snowman's Sack:

  • Cut a 6-inch square of burlap and hand-stitch a circle in the center leaving 1-inch at the corners.
  • Gather the thread lightly and stuff with a little polyfil.
  • Tie off the thread leaving the top open a bit.
  • Hot-glue the greens, berries and twigs into the sack.
  • Wrap a long piece of jute around the sack near the top and tie it off in a bow.

19. Hot-glue each arm to the body on each side of the head about 1-inch from the neck.

20. Cut a strip of fabric for the scarf and tie it around the neck. Spread it out on the back to cover the opening of the head. Glue the top and bottom edges.

21. Glue the broom to one hand against the body and glue the sack to the other hand against the body.

22. Hot-glue four buttons down the front of the chubby holiday snowman.

Chubby Snowman by Sok Kheng Bukoski from Kingston, Wash.

Sok Kheng Bukoski, known by her friends and family as "Soks," started crafting in 1995 after she hurt her arm and found herself with time on her hands. She had never tried anything artistic before, but when her mother-in-law taught her how to cover gift boxes with fabric, she was inspired to take on other crafty projects, and soon she was selling her items at craft fairs and teaching others at her local craft store. She now works part-time as a bank teller to supplement her crafting income! She immigrated to the US from Cambodia in 1979 and lived in North Carolina before settling in the Seattle area.


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