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Create a Glass Fusion Clock

Kristi Pederson shows how to fuse glass together and assemble her colorful glass clock.

Kristi Pederson decided to expand her love of glass by opening a small school and teaching others how to create mosaics and other glasswork. Kristi combines different glass-making techniques into single pieces, which she does here with her colorful clock.

Materials and Tools:

Bullseye 90-coe glass:
- amber
- clear
- red
- French vanilla
- turquoise
- adventurine green
glass stringer
strip cutter
square-nose pliers
drill press
circle cutter
glass mold
clock mechanism
masking tape
spray primer
white glue
safety glasses

Figure A


1. Cut a 15-inch clear glass circle with a circle cutter. Score the glass with the circle cutter, then use a glasscutter to score stress lines from the edge of the circle to the edge of the glass sheet to break the glass evenly.

2. Cut a 15-inch amber glass circle with a circle cutter, creating the stress lines as described in step 1.

Figure C

3. Cut assorted sizes of stringer glass to insert between the two layers of glass. Attach stringer pieces in place with white glue.

4. Fire in kiln at a full fuse.

Figure E

5. Cut assorted sizes of thin colored glass (red, French vanilla, turquoise, adventurine green) and hold them with pliers in a blowtorch to bend the glass into assorted shapes and sizes.

6. Lay the lamp-fired glass on the full fused piece and refire at a tack fuse.

Figure F

7. After the piece has been tack fused, lay it on a plate mold in the kiln and fuse again at a slump fuse.

8. After the slump fuse, drill a hole in the center of glass piece with a drill press.

9. Tape off the front and sides of the glass plate.

10. Spray the back of the clock with primer paint.

11. After the primer has dried, assemble the clock mechanism and insert it into the drilled hole of the glass fusion clock.

Tip: Wear safety glasses when cutting glass.

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