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Build a Cement Birdbath

Kendra Haskell demonstrates how to sculpt a cement birdbath.

Kendra Haskell returns to make a concrete birdbath.

Materials and Tools:

concrete colorant
putty knife
2 bowls:
- large bowl (stainless)
- slightly smaller bowl
old plastic bags
rocks or bricks
rubber gloves

Figure B


1. To determine how much concrete is needed, pour in enough dry concrete to fill the large bowl 3/4 full. In a large mixing container such as a bucket, put in the appropriate amount of concrete.

2. Mix the colorant with water following manufacturer' directions.

3. Slowly add the mixed colorant and water to the concrete until it is smooth enough to work with — a watery clay consistency. Mix the concrete with your hands, being sure to wear rubber gloves.

Figure D

4. Line the large bowl with plastic grocery bags.

5. Pour the cement to fill the large bowl 1/4 of the way.

6. Put another plastic bag on top of the concrete.

7. Place a slightly smaller bowl on the concrete, keeping the plastic bag between the bowl and the cement.

Figure F

8. Place heavy items such as rocks or bricks in the smaller bowl as weight to keep the concrete in place.

9. Continue to pour in the concrete so that it fills in the gap between the large and smaller bowl.

10. Wait approximately one hour.

11. Before removing the smaller bowl check to see that the concrete has set.

12. Remove the smaller bowl and the plastic from the cement birdbath. Note: Let the bowl dry 24 hours before removing it from the larger bowl form.

13. Sculpt the cement birdbath rim and smooth the interior with tools (putty knife, etc.).


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