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Weld a Metal Love Note Stand

Eric Ober shows how to weld metal into a scroll-shaped love note.

When Eric Ober of Houston, Texas, was a teenager, he worked at his family's welding business on the weekends and eventually started making things out of nuts and bolts, which led to him making metal flowers out of scraps. Here he shows how to weld a metal love note for that special someone.

Materials and Tools:

steel pipe
steel plate
steel round bar
hand-held band saw
hand-held grinder
MIG welder
oxy/acetylene torch
plasma torch
drill press
grease pencil
welding helmet
safety glasses
welding gloves
ball-peen hammer



1. Cut a piece of steel pipe, with a hand-held band saw, into small sections to create individual finger shapes. Each section will become the joint of a finger.

2. Weld the finger sections into finger shapes using a MIG welder.

3. Weld small pieces of plate steel onto the finger at the knuckles and the fingernail. Now you have a clunky rough finger.

4. Shape the finger into its finished profile with a hand-held 4 1/2-inch grinder.

5. Make four fingers and a thumb. Connect the fingers together, using a steel round bar, to create the skeleton of the hand bones.

6. Fill in between the "bones" with steel plate and sheet to complete the hand.

7. The hand will have the shape of a very rough palm and back of the hand.

8. Finish shaping the hand with a 4 1/2-inch grinder.

9. Attach a sanding disk to the hand grinder to polish the hand to a shiny finish.

Feather Pen

10. Cut the stem from 1/4-inch steel round bar. Bend the stem into a gentle curve.

11. Cut two feathers in a long oval shape with one flat side using a plasma torch from 1/8-inch steel plate.

12. Cut the lines into the feathers using a thin cutting disc on a hand-held grinder.

13. Weld the feathers onto the stem, placing the flat side of each feather along the stem.

Love Note

14. The note is created from 1/8-inch thick plate.

  • Cut the overall shape of the note and cut the words into the note with a plasma torch.
  • Write the words onto the steel using a grease pencil.
  • Drill a hole in each letter as a starting point.
  • Cut letters out with the torch.

15. Heat the metal love note with an oxy/acetylene torch and shape it while its hot into a scroll shape.

  • Place the bottom of the note in a vise and bend it at a 90-degree angle and remove the bottom from the vise.
  • Place the top of the note in the vise, heat it and bend it at a 90-degree angle in the opposite direction from the bottom.

16. Weld the hand, note and feather together using the MIG welder.

17. Weld a metal stand from 1/4-inch steel round bar to the back of the metal love note. Display your shiny love note.

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