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How to Make a Three-Dimensional Tapestry

Use a variety of yarns to create this outdoor-themed wall hanging.

When Martina Celertin is not working on her art, she likes to go on adventure walks with her family through the woods behind their house, an activity that seemingly inspires her three-dimensional wall tapestries. Martina demonstrates how to weave yarns into her three-dimensional "After the Rain" wall tapestry inspired by those walks in the woods.

Materials and Tools:

yarns (chenille, cotton, wool, acrylic, nylon, silk, linen)
fake evergreen bows
ribbon, beads, rocks, fleece
glycerol soap
thin plastic mesh
1" x 2" wood
wood screws and screwdriver
3/4" nails
floral wire
wooden sword used in weaving
glue gun
wooden frame
2 alligator clips
felting needle
plastic hair pick comb
power drill


1. Build a loom to the desired size by using four pieces of 1" x 2" wood secured at the corners with L-brackets and screws. Nail 3/4-inch nails close together across the top and bottom of the loom.

2. Warp the loom by knotting cotton yarn on the top left nail, threading it to the bottom, around two nails, up to the top, around two nails and back down until the other end of the loom is reached. Knot the yarn at the end.

3. Tabby-weave the walking path using several strands of textured yarn in neutral colors.

4. Knot and weave the ground plants.

5. Soumak-weave and tabby-weave the leaf canopy.

6. Wet felt the tree trunks.

7. Attach tree trunks and branches to the weaving using needle felting.

8. Drill a small hole in each rock using a power drill. Attach the rocks and sticks along the path by tying them onto the weaving using floral wire.

9. Release the weaving from the loom by pulling the threads off the nails.

10. Stretch out the weaving into the wooden display frame using junk-yarn tied to the top, bottom and sides of the frame.

11. Needle felt the edges of the weaving.

12. Stitch the "After the Rain" weaving onto the frame using reeled silk.

13. Cut off the junk-yarn and attach alligator clip hangers to hang your "After the Rain" wall tapestry.

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