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Handmade Paper Earrings

Lisa Ferreira demonstrates how to make paper earrings with handmade red milkweed paper.

Materials and Tools:

handmade red milkweed paper
18-gauge copper wire
soldering board
acetylene torch
solder mask
2 sterling silver jump rings
2 sterling silver ear wires
white glue
sponge brush
acrylic medium
needle nose pliers


1. Cut two 4" to 5" pieces of 18-gauge wire and solder the ends together.

2. Form each wire into ovals or desired shape.

3. Solder a jump ring to the top of each oval form.

4. Trace around the earring form onto scraps of red milkweed handmade paper. Cut out the paper leaving an extra 1/4-inch to extend around the wire to the back.

5. Glue the red milkweed paper to the wire form, wrapping it around the wire and let dry.

6. Poke a wire through the jump ring making sure the paper is cleared away.

7. Attach each earring to an earring wire by bending open the jump ring at the top of the earring with needle nose pliers, inserting the wire and closing the jump ring.

8. Coat the handmade paper earrings with acrylic medium and a sponge brush. Allow to dry. Repeat several times.

Handmade paper earrings project by Lisa Ferreira from Portland, Maine.


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