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Cement Leaf Bowl

Nikki Larsen pours cement on top of a large leaf to imprint her unique bowl.

Materials and Tools:

large plastic tub or disposable roasting pan
mixing bowl
sandbox sand
large leaf
fine grade quick setting cement
cement fortifier

Steps 1-3


1. Fill a plastic tub or disposable roasting pan half full with sandbox sand.

2. Make a mound in the sand approximately the size of the leaf.

3. Place the leaf vein side up onto the mound.

Steps 4-5

4. Mix the cement according to manufacturer's directions and add fortifier.

5. Spoon the cement over the leaf covering it and smooth the cement with the back of a spoon. Let dry thoroughly.

Steps 6-7

6. Remove the leaf from the cement.

7. If portions of the leaf stick to the cement carefully use a toothpick to pick out the remaining leaf.

Cement Leaf Bowl project by Nikki Larsen from Ogden, Utah.


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