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Frosted Glass Folded Handkerchief Votive

Jodi McRaney Rush recycles glass into this frosted-glass votive candleholder.

Materials and Tools:

6" x 6" frosted recycled glass square
8" x 8" square fiber paper
2, 3" terra cotta flowerpots
stapler and staples
latex gloves
white vinegar and water in spray bottle.
micro fiber cloth
glass cutting gloves
respirator mask
running pliers


1. Cut a 6" x 6" square of glass using glasscutters and running pliers. Wear glass cutting safety gloves.

2. Stack the terra cotta pots on top of each other — open side down.

3. Fold fiber paper over the pots while wearing latex gloves.

4. Staple the fiber paper over pots in the shape of an upside down muffin cup (handkerchief).

5. Place the pots with the fiber paper in the kiln.

6. Wash the glass square thoroughly with vinegar and water and a micro fiber cloth.

7. Center the glass square over the fiber paper on the pots forming a handkerchief-like shape.

8. Select the appropriate slumping firing schedule for the glass and kiln. Fire and let cool.

9. Remove the finished frosted glass handkerchief votive from the kiln when the temperature is less than 100 degrees F.

Frosted Glass Folded Handkerchief Votive project by Jodi McRaney Rusho from Salt Lake City, Utah.


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