Chic, Moroccan-Inspired Living Room

The Design on a Dime team redesigns dorm-style decor into a Moroccan-inspired living room for less than $1,000.

  • Washed-out sofas and predominantly white walls make this space everything but exotic.
  • Bright colors and rich fabrics transform the space into an exotic destination.
  • A '70s-era mural is cut into three pieces and mounted on the wall.
  • This mosaic-tile tabletop is stain resistant.
  • This Moroccan-inspired piece is great because it conceals the radiator while still allowing heat to circulate.
  • The existing blinds are hung behind the panels, keeping the window easily accessible.
  • Bright red lampshades complement the room's decor.
  • The TV and all its components are tucked away inside this interesting fabric tent.
  • Colorful pillows provide punches of color around the room.


    • traditional sari fabrics
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