Eclectic Media Room

A crowded, beige living room is turned into an eclectic, contemporary family room with some creative redesigning. Host Karen McAloon finds a solution for turning the room centered around the big TV into a cozy, contemporary family room.

After: Bands of Color

The warm blue, beige and chocolate brown stripes on the walls steer the eye toward the view out the window and away from the TV in the corner. To delineate the stripes, paint expert Danielle Hirsch sticks painter's tape around the walls. She applies a coat of clear glaze around the tape to seal in the crevices of the textured walls, so the paint won't seep underneath the tape edges. Then she paints the stripes and pulls off the tape to reveal clean, crisp lines. Cliff is pleased with the choices when he realizes they're the colors of the UCLA Bruins.

paint: walls (Regal Aquavelvet Base 2 1019) — Benjamin Moore
paint: walls (Red Seal Aqua Matte Base 2-19, Base 26-21) — Pratt and Lambert

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