Colorful Boy's Bedroom

A confident, young boy, Declan, picks energetic colors for his bedroom makeover. He wants his room to say he likes playing and having fun.

After: Energetic Colors

Declan chooses red for the primary wall color because it's energetic and makes him think of having fun with his friends. The crew uses a stain-suppression primer to seal in the markers used to draw the border. Red is the most sheer pigment in the color wheel and requires a tinted deep-base primer, which allows the red to appear solid rather than semitransparent. Without this second primer, the walls might need up to six coats of red paint.

Next Declan chooses orange for the two smaller walls because the ball in ball hockey is orange. Orange tones blend in with the red. He picks blue for the bedding because it's cool and calming for peaceful sleep. A red and orange shelving unit blends into the walls, which makes the room appear a little bigger.

Did You Know: Research shows when kids make their own color choices for their rooms, they grow into more confident adults. Red shows optimism, orange imparts confidence and blue provides balance and harmony.

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