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Rejuvenated Jewel Necklace

Amy Hanna demonstrates her process for creating her rejuvenated vintage jewel necklace.

It’s her passion for antique and costume jewelry that led Amy Hanna of Laguna Niguel, Calif., to start creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry. Soon her collection grew and she began taking the pieces apart and putting them back together in different styles, all the while adding her own touches by oxidizing, soldering, wire wrapping and more.

Materials and Tools:

wire cutters
flat head pliers
round nose pliers
26-gauge wire
liver of sulfur
rubber gloves
bowl of water
sterling silver chain
vintage rosary pieces
vintage jewelry pieces
semi precious gems
Victorian gem type photo
soldering iron
copper tape
hole punch
rhinestone clasp
mica sheet
cotton swabs


1. Select the pieces that you will use to create the rejuvenated jewel necklace.

2. Cut the mica to same size as the photo.

3. Place mica over the photo and wrap edge with copper tape (figure A).

4. Punch a hole into the Victorian gem type photo (figure B).

5. Apply flux to the copper tape. Solder the copper edge (figure C).

6. Add a jump ring to the photo (figure D).

7. Wire wrap the selected semi precious stones.

8. Oxidize the sterling silver chain and wire with liver of sulfur (figure E).

9. Cut the chain to size.

10. Arrange the necklace pieces in order.

11. Attach the pieces with wire wrapping techniques (figure G).

12. Finish the rejuvenated jewel necklace by attaching a rhinestone clasp (figure H).

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