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Altered CD Basket Lid

Becky Chabot transforms a CD into a dazzling basket lid with stars and guitar picks.

Materials and Tools:

small basket
1" circle punch
1-1/4" star punch or die cut
stylus tool
scrap card stock
junk CD
liquid glue
6" x 6" star patterned scrapbook paper
spray stone fleck (hardware store)
14 white star brads
wire cutters
dimensional clear glaze
fine art glitter
14 thin plastic guitar picks
sanding block


1. Punch a 1-inch circle and five stars from card stock to decorate the CD basket lid.

2. Score each star down the center with a ruler and stylus tool and fold in half.

3. Glue the right half of one star to the left half of another star with all centers meeting in the middle.

4. Spray the three-dimensional star "knob" and all guitar picks with stone fleck. Allow the picks and knobs to dry completely according to product instructions. When removing the dried picks from the work area trim to straighten the edges. Do not sand the picks, as they will peel.

5. Glue the card stock circle punch over the hole in the center of the CD. Glue the scrapbook paper to the front of the CD. Apply an even coat of strong adhesive — right to the edge of the CD. Trim edges and sand.

6. Apply a thick line of clear dimensional glaze all the way around the edge of the CD, approximately 1/4 inch from edge. Arrange the guitar picks around the edge of the CD, extending over the edge approximately 1/4 inch.

7. Remove the prongs of the star brads with wire cutters and attach one star brad to the center of each pick with dimensional clear glaze. The brad is concave, so it needs dimensional adhesive. Let dry completely and cure for 48 hours before handling.

8. Completely coat the top of the CD with clear dimensional glaze. Do not coat the guitar picks.

9. Place the star knob in the center of the CD in the wet glaze. Apply extra glaze directly at the base of each point of the star that rests on the lid. Sprinkle a small amount of fine art glitter over the glaze while it is still wet.

10. Carefully trim two picks on the lid directly across from each other with wire cutters so the lid will fit inside the basket handle. Sand the edges from the bottom.

Project by Becky Chabot from Sanford, Maine.


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