Eclectic, Contemporary Living Room with Eastern-Style Design

The Double Take team recreates a $138,000 eclectic living room for less than $2,200.

Arkwork and Lamp

The focal point of the designer room is the $20,000 mixed-medium charcoal and acrylic painting. The Double Take rendition starts by painting a large canvas completely black. Then three sheets of earth-colored art paper are covered with thick streaks of earth-toned paint. A grid is drawn on the back of the paper and then cut into two-inch squares. The squares are then randomly arranged and glued onto the black canvas to complete the one-of-a-kind mosaic.

Valued at $6,800, the antique lamp on the console table in the designer room is made from a salvaged wooden column with a handpainted shade on top. To replicate the lamp, two broken pillar pieces found at a craft store were adhered together to hold the lamp parts in between. Michele painted details around the edges of a new shade to achieve the same antique look as the original.

For all available product information, click on the After photo of the room.


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    • Sarah Lynch
      Executive Editor, California Home & Design
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