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Suede Healing Pouch

Teri Barnett Moore adds herbs, gemstones and attaches a small goddess figure to her suede neck pouch.

Materials and Tools:

leather cord
dried sage leaves
lemon grass
polymer clay goddess figure
gemstone beads
marking pencil
1/16" punch
carved face bead (or polymer clay face bead)
small round bowl (approximately 6" in diameter)

Figure B


1. Place a 6-inch diameter bowl upside down on the suede, press to leave an indentation and cut out the circle.

2. Make marks along the circumference of the sued circle approximately 1 inch apart.

3. Punch holes at the marks using a 1/6-inch hand punch (figure B).

Figure C

4. Make two marks about an inch apart near the center of the circle. Make a second set of marks about 1-1/2 inch out from these marks (figure C).

5. String milagro legs with beads and attach at the marks near the center.

Figure D

6. String milagro arms with beads and attach at secondary marks (figure D).

7. Cut 36 inches of leather cord for the suede healing pouch. Cut cord longer or shorter depending on the desired length.

Figure E

8. String leather cord through the holes around the circumference of the suede circle, overlapping so the ends are at opposite sides of the circle (figure E).

9. Gather 'healing' materials for the suede pouch–sage, lavender, lemon grass, stones, whatever feels appropriate to the wearer.

Figure F

10. Place the healing materials within the circle and pull the leather drawstring tight (figure F).

11. String the face bead onto the leather drawstring and half knot in place.

12. Knot the cord to desired length and your suede-healing necklace is complete.

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