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Custom Collage Sachet

Mari Robeson assembles a personalized collage sachet -- perfect for a new baby or as a wedding favor or any special occasion.

Living in Arroyo Grande, Calif., Mari Robeson needed to find a way to incorporate her art, her love of babies’ rooms, and her lavender field. The result was a personalized collage sachet.

Materials and Tools:

decorative papers and tissue
white glue
rubber stamps
paper flowers
pink and white glitter glue
ink jet printable fabric
dupioni silk
iron and ironing board
sewing machine
ribbon to hang sachet
fabric flowers
pewter charm
lavender seed
ink jet printer
heart template from cardstock
light box

Figure A


1. Cut and dry the lavender.

2. Cut out the heart shape on decorative paper with the heart template. Assemble a collage on the heart using stickers, ribbon, rubber stamps, paper flowers and glitter glue (figure A).

3. Scan the collage and make size and color adjustments on the computer.

Figure C

4. Print the image onto ink jet printable fabric.

5. Cut a piece of dupioni silk twice the size of the finished sachet. Place the top half of the fabric on a light box. Lay out the heart shaped template of the sachet onto the dupioni silk and draw around the outline using a pencil (figure C).

Figure E

6. Place the fabric with the printed design inside the heart outline and iron on.

7. Stitch around the design with a zigzag stitch on the sewing machine (figure E). Hand sew fabric roses to the corners of the design.

8. Fold the remaining extra fabric over the design with right sides together.

9. Machine stitch around the heart shape leaving an opening at the top.

Figure G

10. Trim around the heart shape close to the stitching line.

11. Turn the heart sachet right side out (figure G) and fill with lavender.

12. Hand sew the opening closed. Add a ribbon hanger and fabric flower to the top and a charm to the bottom of your custom collage sachet.

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