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Glass and Metal 'Shaman' Sculpture

Laurie Burns constructs a glass and metal "Shaman" sculpture.

Laurie Burns, of Salt Lake City, Utah, pursues a love of glass that began as a child when her globetrotting mother would return home from places like Murano, Italy, with a glass keepsake for her. It is no surprise that she was inspired by the most exquisite glasswork in the world.

Materials and Tools:

6" x 6" x 1/4" metal plate
metal saw
metal rods
metal punches
1" metal ball
welding hood and welding gloves
safety glasses
latex gloves
welding leathers
wire feed 110 mig welding machine
dark blue and light blue glass
red or blue dichroic glass
black opal glass
clear glass
glass grozer
glass cutting breaking system
angle square for cutting glass
tape measure
fiber paper
kiln shelf
paint and paint gun
glass cleaner
metal cleaner
paper towels
permanent marker
pattern templates*
glass grinding machine
craft knife
cellulose adhesive
*Create desired templates for the Shaman figure.

Figure B



1. Trace around the head template and cut black opal glass for the Shaman head (figure B). Trace the pattern for the arms and cut black glass in the arm shape. Grind the edges smooth. Use glasscutters and wear latex gloves and safety glasses for eye protection.

2. Cut clear glass for the Shaman body and head.

Figure D

3. Cut dark blue and light blue colored glass for the Shaman body in tall narrow rectangle shapes (figure D).

Figure F

4. Clean the glass. Cut fiber paper into decorative shapes using a craft knife. Glue them to the body of the Shaman using cellulose adhesive. The piece will be turned upside down in the kiln and the paper would not stay on if not glued (figure F).

Figure G

5. Cut dichroic glass shapes for decoration (figure G).

Figure H

6. Clean the glass and assemble the Shaman in the kiln (figure H).

7. Fire.

8. Remove the fiber paper.


9. Cut the side rods and assemble.

10. Weld the template to the table.

11. Weld the rods together in the template.

12. Weld the punches onto the rods.

13. Cut and drill the metal plate.

Figure I

14. Weld the plate to the rods and the metal ball on the rods (figure I).

15. Paint with acrylic paint using a paint gun.

16. Let the paint dry.

17. Slide the glass Shaman into the holder (stand).

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