More Room for Baby

Our team of experts helps a growing family move on to a larger home.

Charming Exterior

Rhonda and Scott Freeson need to sell their house, but they need help to do so. That's where the Designed to Sell team comes into the picture. Armed with a $2,000 budget and years of expertise, they set out to help this family move along.

Real estate expert Shannon Freeman is the first team member to provide her assessment, starting with the curb appeal. She finds the house charming, with its beautiful new driveway and white picket fence. Inside, she becomes overwhelmed by the awkward layout.

Next up is designer Lisa LaPorta, who agrees with Freeman and lays out a three-step plan for whipping the Freesons' house into shape in record time. Her focus will be on the kitchen/dining area, living room and bathroom.

Step 1: Strike a chord. Decorate bland areas to hit the right note with buyers.

Step 2: Band together. Create focal points in open spaces to bring in the offers.

Step 3: Break it down. Get rid of funky features that will give buyers the blues.

Carpenters Steve Hanneman and Brooks Utley sign on to help implement the changes. See how everyone's hard work paid off below.

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