Salvage Chic Family Room

A messy family room gets a salvage-chic makeover with finds from around the house.

After: The Dresser Stays

To define a corner as the dressing area (and to hide the old dresser), a dressing screen is built using two old doors found in the basement. Decorative legs are cut out, the doors are hinged together and the screen is hinged to the wall; casters on the legs make it easy to move. The old slip-covered sofa is replaced with a brown leather one from another room, and it's moved away from the wall to define a seating area apart from the dressing area and desk. With the plant moved, the fireplace stands out, illuminated by garage-sale light fixtures with wall mounts fashioned from rusted barrel hoops.

paint: walls (Marblehead Gold, HC-11) - Benjamin Moore

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