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Building a Better Bungalow

A bungalow gets new landscaping, windows, paint and a lovely pickety fence.

As transplants from urban Chicago, Jennifer and Duncan Wilk would like to create a home that reflects their new suburban lifestyle as they prepare for a family. They would like to polish the classic look of their 1900s raised bungalow home while adding new architectural detail and traditional suburban elements such as a white picket fence.


  • Take out cinderblock wall
  • Widen front staircase removing wrought iron and shingled walls
  • Paint house
  • Add trim to windows and doors
  • Add wood railing to stairway
  • Replace screen door
  • Replace windows
  • New garage door
  • Adding lovely landscaping
  • Add new lighting including a hanging front porch light
  • Install white picket fence and gates across front of house


    • Windows from Ocean Sash and Door
    • Lighting from Rejuvination Hardware
    • Trim from Kelleher Molding
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