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Trash to Treasure: Old Linoleum

Sasha Andreev shows Joan Steffend new uses for old linoleum.

Stamps used to make decorative prints are crafted from old linoleum. First, various shapes are drawn onto the back of a piece of self-adhesive linoleum. The shapes are cut out with a utility knife and then adhered onto particle board. To make the decorative print, acrylic paint is distributed over the stamp, then the stamp is pressed onto the canvas (almost any surface can be used). When complete, the stamp can also be used as a wall hanging.

Wall Border

Recycled linoleum is used to make a themed wall hanging. Again, shapes are cut from self-adhesive linoleum, then the cutouts are stuck onto a rustic piece of barn wood. For this project, the linoleum cutouts can be painted, or the original pattern can be used.


Linoleum shapes are adhered to a terra-cotta pot. For this project, epoxy is used, so that even if the pot is wet, the shapes will not come off.


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