Rustic Cabin-in-the-City Living Room

A bland living room is redesigned into a cozy, rustic cabin-in-the-city living room for less than $500.

  • The ordinary yellow wall is one problem in this bland space.
  • A new paint job and a game table are some of the touches that help improve the room.
  • For the chair rail, wood medallions are cut from tree branches and nailed onto the wall.
  • A creative way to add framing to any picture is the use of tree branches.
  • Reusing items found around the house can help save money during a makeover.
  • An old door, windows and an awning create a porch feel indoors.
  • Baskets are screwed into the backs of the two chairs to hold the checker pieces.
  • The chair blends into the cabin feel after getting new covers.
  • An old canoe is reused to create a shelf.
  • Beads and feathers add the accent to the room's new window treatment.
  • Outdoor materials are used to give this lamp an earthy feel.
  • Old books and crafts can add style in any space.


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