Bland Dining Room Enhanced With Bright Color and Large Furniture

The Double Take team re-creates a $42,000 dining room for only $3,700.

  • This lifeless dining room has had the same style for years and these homeowners are ready for a change.
  • Created by designer Connie Petersen, this festive and inviting dining room is made for entertaining.
  • The spanish-style room is replicated almost perfectly.
  • The tabletop was made from recycled lumber.
  • The four cushions in the inspiration room were custom-sewn with brocade fabric and bead detailing at a cost of nearly $2,000.
  • The team duplicated the large rug with four smaller rugs.
  • Michelle and the homeowner decided to recreate the plates by hand.
  • In the center of the dining table in the inspiration room sits a wrought-iron candelabra with hand-beaded detailing.
  • An old table is simply sanded and stained to recreate the side table.
  • Shades of red add a sense of drama to the table. © 2010 Scripps Networks, L.L.C. All rights reserved
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