Baby Needs a Bigger Crib

A couple gets help selling their home before their new baby arrives.

Before: OK Courtyard

Sara and Mike Rhodes need to sell their home before their new baby arrives. The Designed to Sell team signs on to help them take this cottage from alarming to charming without breaking the bank.

Real estate expert Donna Freeman begins her analysis of the house with the exterior, noting that the back courtyard, in particular, could be a great selling feature if it were played up more. Inside, she likes the overall personality of the house, but sees a few things that need repair and some furniture pieces that could be switched out or rearranged.

Designer extraordinaire Lisa LaPorta agrees with Freeman and lays out a three-step plan for improving this home's appearance. Her focus areas will be the courtyard, living room and master bedroom.

Step 1: Cash in on the crown jewel. Maximize the home's focal point so buyers see the value through every window.

Step 2: Find the hidden treasure. Spruce up the selling features that are currently being covered.

Step 3: Erase the signature. Remove the personal imprints on the home so buyers can see it as their own.

Carpenters Steve Hanneman and Brooks Utley are on hand to help.

For specific product information, click on the After photo(s) of the room.

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