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Trash to Treasure: Old Sports Gear

Sasha Andreev shows Joan Steffend how to make home accessories out of old sports gear.

A golf-themed message board is made by covering a plain cork board with green felt. The cork is then framed in old golf clubs. To fashion the clubs for the shorter side, the rubber handles are removed from the clubs and then cut to size before the handle is put back on. Golf balls are sawed in half and glued onto each corner, and tees are glued onto the push pins for a final touch.

Hockey Lamp

A floor lamp has been crafted from three hockey sticks and some pucks. The bottom of the sticks serve as the base of the lamp. Pucks are used as spacers between the sticks and to hold the sticks together. To hide the cord, one of the sticks is routered so that the cord can be tucked inside. One puck is used to hold the light fixture and another sits on top for a finial.

Baseball Flag

A folk-art flag is crafted out of old baseballs, bats and some barn wood. First, the barn wood is painted red and blue for the flag's background. To make the stripes, bats are sliced in half lengthwise with a table saw and painted either red or white. The stripes are screwed onto the barn wood from the back. For the stars, baseballs are cut in half and glued onto the blue section of the barn wood.


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