Suede Living Room

Homeowner Julian Whitaker found a designer living room done in rich suede that he really likes, but it has a price tag of $34,000. The Double Take team recreates the designer living room for less than $2,500.

  • Julian Whitaker's cluttered living room is in need of a makeover.
  • The beauty of this room is in the simplicity of the clean lines, and the wow-factor comes from the contrasting textures and fabrics.
  • The color scheme in Julian's living room matches the inspiration room perfectly.
  • This beautiful cockatail table is made from plywood, Plexiglas and remnant marble.
  • Two one-armed loveseats create a sofa proportionate to the living room.
  • This faux zebra-skin rug is similar to the vintage zebra skin in the inspiration room, but it cost a fraction of the price.
  • Microsuede is a great alternative to suede, as it's inexpensive and often machine-washable.
  • Upside-down flowerpots make great side tables in the living room.
  • A modern-style vase is used to create lamps for the living room.
  • The homeowner helps create a beautiful abstract painting.
  • This caricature is similar to the 1960s oil painting in the inspiration room.


    • Rugs from Hollywood Love Rugs
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