Downsized Homes With Great Designs

Downsize your space, not your style. Check out a formal Miami apartment; a small, efficient apartment in New York; a serene New York retreat; and an ethnic paradise in D.C. These four homes are downsized but full of great design ideas.

Creative Contrast

Designer Marc Corbin created a formal space in informal Miami. He saw great potential in this downsized, 850-square-foot apartment with a beautiful view. With black and white furniture and a few tricks with paint, he achieved instant small-space glamour.

Windows and glass doors bring a lot of light into this brightly colored apartment. Marc used a strong wall color to contrast with the black and white furniture and accessories. He painted the floors and ceilings white to reflect the natural light from the windows. He used black paint to create the look of molding on the walls for a formal touch. Painter's tape and a laser level make painting stripes easy.


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    • Craig Olsen
      Interior Designer, Bamboo Colony
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    • Rebeka Bieber, Designer
      Studio RED
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    • Julie Evans, Artist
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    • Peter Tow
      Designer/Architect, Tow Studios, Architecture and Interiors
    • Sal and Yasemin Hakimi, Homeowner
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