Living/Dining Space Redo

An expert organizer creates a kid-friendly space with adult style.

  • This family's living/dining area is a cluttered multipurpose space that desperately needs some organization.
  • The Sytsmas now have an organized and functional space the whole family can enjoy.
  • This dining area is also Maureen's office, but the space is too messy for a meeting or a meal.
  • A new computer armoire will help keep clutter in the dining area to a minimum.


    • Artwork from Art in Motion
    • Children's furniture, decor and apparel from Company Kids
    • Ceiling tiles from Howell Renovations
    • Vinyl and aluminum products from Gallagher Brothers
    • Candle and fragrance accessories from Waxcessories
    • Hardwood flooring from Floor Boards
    • Window seats and benches from Custom Window Seats
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