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Collage Lamp Shade

Light up the room with this creative collage lampshade project.

Materials and Tools:

Blumenthal Craft "Crafter's Images" high-resolution image disk – Recycled Ancestors
Blumenthal PhotoFabric – cotton poplin roll
inkjet printer
Therm O Web Super Tape
Fiskars 5" trimming scissors
tomato cage
1/2" ribbon (or boa, fuzzy yarn, beads, etc.)
1yard beaded trim
1/4" wide clear vinyl tubing (found in plumbing area of hardware store)
wire cutter, heavy duty pliers


1. Position the tomato cage with largest circle (Circle 1) on the floor and the wires from the smallest circle (Circle 3) pointing up. Cut off the three wire stems directly under the middle circle (Circle 2) with the wire cutters (A is on the diagram).

Note: Circle 2 is still connected to wires that extend up to Circle 3. Cutters can be used to make an indentation on the wire where you want to cut. Afterward, maneuver the wire back and forth over the indentation to cause the wire to break through.

Cut each of the wires extending from Circle 3 to approximately five to six inches (B). Bend the three ends (extending from Circle 3) into the center of the tomato cage. From the center point (where the three wires meet) bend the ends over each other to secure together (where the cord will be).

2. Bend each rounded section of Circle 2 down to form a flatter surface (and a rounded loop on the bottom of the remaining cage. The wire may break in this process on the area where it is welded together. If so, slide a three inch piece of 1/4-inch clear vinyl tubing over both ends to hold them together.

3. Select images from clip art disk and position on design to fit on legal paper (8.5"x14"). This design used a large central photo from the clip art disk, and several other images scattered above and below it. Set printer to print a legal page and cut a piece of the PhotoFabric (image transfer fabric). Set your printer to high resolution, but with light ink volume. Print on to the fabric side of PhotoFabric. Repeat with two additional images and pieces of PhotoFabric roll.

4. Dry 15 minutes or with a dry iron. Rinse for 30 seconds under running tap water or until waters runs clear. Peel the paper backing sheet away. Dry fabric on towel or blot with towel then iron.

5. Cover each of the three sides separately – start with one then repeat on the other two sides. Lay the cloth over the area to be covered. Bend the bottom rounded wire more if needed to fit the 8.5" wide fabric. Cover the wire on all four wires around one side of the lamp with the 1" double-sided Super Tape. Lay the first piece of printed PhotoFabric onto one side of the cage. Pull the fabric taught over the wire and press down onto the tape. Reposition as needed.

6. Trim the excess fabric. Repeat by putting tape over each spine of the cage on each side and placing the fabric on the two other sides of the cage. Trim each side.

7. Using fabric glue, attach ribbon or cord (or rick-rack, boa feathers, fuzzy yarn, etc.) along the top and sides of the wire, as well as around the image. Attach beaded trim around the bottom of the lamp and cover with a layer of cord/ribbon (if the beaded trim does not match the sides of the lamp).

8. Insert a light cord (with attached fixture, for low-watt light) in to wires at center of lamp. Secure with wire to the cage then cover the light cord with double-sided tape and wrap with ribbon.


    • Crafter's Images clip art disks, PhotoFabric - Blumenthal Crafts
    • FabriTac - Beacon Adhesives
    • Super Tape Acid Free Adhesive (two-sided)
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