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Spoon Sun Catcher

Turn an average kitchen utensil into a dazzling sun catcher with this fun idea from Ana Araujo.

Materials and Tools:
small spoon
chandelier glass pieces
stringing Wire 0.38 mm
Blue Moon Beads glass charms
assorted glass beads
seed beads
crimp beads
beading board

1. Drill two or three holes in the edge of the spoon and one at the top the handle (Figure A) .

2. Cut two pieces of stringing wire measuring 12 inches, one piece measuring 16 inches and one piece measuring seven inches.

3. Place the stringing 16-inch wire through the center hole on the spoon centering it, add four seed beads on each side of the wire bring the wire together start to bead as desired adding glass charms as you go (Figure C).

4. When you get to the end of the wire, leave three inches and:

  • add a crimp bead
  • then five seed beads
  • put the wire through the whole of the chandelier glass
  • add five more seed beads
  • feed the wire through the crimp bead and crimp (cut off excess wire)

5. Repeat the same method of beading with hole 1 and hole 3 using the 12-inch stringing wires.

6. The hole on the top of the spoon handle thread the seven-inch piece of beading wire centering it:

  • then add five seed beads
  • then three larger beads
  • then a crimp bead
  • and put the wire through the toggle, then back through the crimp bead
  • crimp and cut off excess wire (Figure D)

7. Hang in a window on a suction cup hook.


  • Use a beading board to lay out you beads first; working with the bead pattern before you begin to bead will make it a bit easier.

  • Substitute an antique key or fork (bending the tides of the ford up to make a loop to bead from).

  • Come up with themes for each sun catcher. That will help you pick out the beads for each one.

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