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3-D Scrapbook Art

Guest Tricia Morris shares this scrapbook project that's sure to make your pages pop.

Materials and Tools:
two 6"x6" canvas frames
Autumn Splendor paper, stamps, beads
ink - burnt sienna, olive pastel, dark green, dark brown and yellow ochre
1/2" brass hinges and screws
brass photo turns and screws
foam adhesive
glass leaf beads
gold metal square findings

Figure B

1. Mask one 6" x 6" canvas two inches from left side, and apply ink directly to the exposed canvas including the top, bottom and side (Figure B). Heat set.

Figure C

2. Remove the mask and use contrasting ink to color the remaining canvas. Mask and ink second canvas in same fashion. Heat set (Figure C).

Figure D

3. Stamp a word set onto the column created on the left side of the canvas (Figure D). Heat set.

Figure E

4. Decorate the canvas by adding leaf stamps. Stamp onto the front and all sides of the canvases (Figure E). Heat set.

Figure F

5. Position two decorated canvases side by side and place a hinge 1/2 inch from bottom and top of canvas (Figure F). Use an awl to mark position of holes in hinge. Screw hinges into place.

Figure G

6. Attach photo on left canvas with two photo turns. Mark holes with awl and screw photo turns in place with tiny screws (Figure G).

Figure H

7. Attach matted photos with foam tape (Figure H), layering the tape to provide dimension.

8. Finish the canvas set by adding additional beads, embellishments, and title.


  • Link as many canvases together as you wish. You might want to use a canvas to feature each member of your family and hinge them all together.

  • Hinged canvases look great hanging on the wall as well as on a tabletop or bookshelf.

  • Use canvases of different sizes, scrapbook your dimensional memorabilia onto them, and hang them in groupings on the wall.

  • Sandwich two canvases together to create a shadow box or accordion album inside.

  • Take a walk down the aisle of your local home improvement center to find unique dimensional embellishments that can be used on the frames such as large hinges, doorknobs, keys or other decorative hardware.

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