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Memory Page Embellishments

Create the look of leather on a scrapbook page using polymer clay.

Materials and Tools:

Fimo Soft Polymer Clay in chocolate and translucent colors
pasta machine
deep-etched rubber stamps
alphabet rubber stamps
Rub n' Buff metallic gold leaf
pasta machine
craft knife
1/4" alphabet leather stamping set
leather tool in design of choice
jute or hemp cording
papers of choice
cardboard box
PhotoFabric crafters' canvas
one photograph
baby powder
Zot's memory dots


1. Condition polymer clay with pasta machine.

2. To make photo corners, flatten clay on a medium pasta machine setting. Apply baby powder to the clay. Impress a rubber stamp image on the clay and cut out a three-inch square. Cut a circle out of the center of the square. Make a cut in the center of each side with knife (Figure A). This cuts the photo corners apart. Rub on gold metallic Rub n' Buff.

3. To make "Journey" letters, flatten clay on medium pasta machine setting and stamp with desired texture. Stamp letters into clay. Gently tear letters apart. Rub letters with gold metallic Rub n' Buff (Figure C).

4. To create the "In Time" message, flatten clay on medium pasta machine setting. Using the leather stamping alphabet set, stamp the words "in time" into the clay. Cut with craft knife and rub on gold leafing (Figure D).

5. To create leather-like straps, flatten clay and stamp on a design with leather tools. Cut clay into strips.

6. To create "barbed wire," roll clay into thin logs and twist two logs together. Wrap a third log around the twist and pull off each end to create the pointy "barbs" (Figure E).

7. To create the journal area, flatten clay and stamp with texture design. Cut to desired size. Poke holes 1/4 inch apart all the way around rectangle or square. After baking, place the jute through one of the corner holes and knot. Whip stitch around the outer edge and knot again at the end (Figure G).

8. Bake all clay pieces at 265 degrees for one hour. Allow to cool. Arrange scrapbook page as desired and use Zot's to adhere pieces to page.


    • Lettering Stamp: Make Believe (capital and lowecase large) from Technique Tuesday
    • Fimo Polymer Clay, Rub n' Buff and pasta machine from American Art Clay Co. Inc. (AMACO)
    • PhotoFabric (Crafters Canvas) from Blumenthal Lansing Company
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