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Trash to Treasure: Old Globes

Sasha Andreev shows how to make great home accessories from old globes.

A serving tray and a candle stand are made from an old globe. The globe is split in two through the equator, then a nine-inch candle stand is glued onto each bottom for a base. Each hemisphere is topped with a round mirror to create the trays. The tops can also be taken off the globes so they can be used as a serving bowl.

A set of Old World sconces are made from two 1/4-sections of a globe. Each section is glued to an old metal tray. Wood stain is used on the globes to give them an aged look and then decorative ribbon and cord are glued around the edges. A hole is drilled through the back of the tray and light fixture thread through.

The two 1/4-sections of the globe that were leftover from the sconces are used for shelf brackets. Small pieces of 2 x 4 wood are used to attach the globes to a store-bought shelf board.


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