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Festive Happy Birthday Banner

Pam Garrison creates festive canvas-paper banners -- great for special occasions.

Materials and Tools:

canvas paper
sheet music from an old music book
ledger paper from antique book
fabric scraps
sewing machine
1/4" velvet ribbon
seam binding
millinery goods
jewelry bits
tube glitter
German glass glitter
white glue
heat gun
craft knife

Figure A


1. Cut triangle shapes out of canvas paper. Tear sheet music and ledger pages from old or antique books.

2. Machine-stitch sheet music to one side of the triangle (figure A) and ledger paper to the other side. Trim excess papers even with the canvas triangle.

Figure B

3. Sew on fabric scraps to create a collage. Glue on small scraps of ribbon (figure B).

Figure C

4. Outline a letter shape with tube glitter (figure C).

5. Dry with a heat gun.

6. Spread white glue inside the letter shape.

Figure D

7. Sprinkle German glass glitter over the glue (figure D). Remove excess and let dry.

Figure E

8. Embellish with trims, jewelry, photos and buttons (figure E).

Figure F

9. Using a craft knife slit two holes in the top corners of the triangle for stringing the banner on a ribbon (figure F).

10. String the ribbon through the letter triangles.

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