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Keepsake Paper Dollhouse

Pam Garrison creates a keepsake canvas-paper dollhouse.

Pam Garrison's inspiration has always been family and she has incorporated that into many of her projects, including her canvas-paper dollhouse and personalized dolls.

Materials and Tools:

canvas paper
sheet music from old music book
ledger paper from antique book
needle and thread
sewing machine
light-green watercolor paint
stamps and stamp pads
paper scraps
crepe paper
photos and photocopies of people
scissors or rotary cutter and cutting mat
mica sheets
sticker machine
mat board
hole punch


1. Cut two desired sized house shapes, square with a peaked roof, out of canvas paper using a rotary cutter and cutting mat or scissors.

  • One piece will be for the back side of the house (figure A).
  • Cut the other in half vertically down the center for the two front sections of the house.
  • Cut two narrow rectangular pieces for the sides.
  • Cut a rectangular strip for the roof.

2. Tear sheet music from an old music book. Machine-stitch the paper onto the canvas paper on the outside of the back of the house.

3. Cut ledger paper into the shape of each half of the front of the house. Stitch the ledger paper to the canvas paper fronts (figure C). Stitch ledger paper to the sides of the house.

4. Cut ledger paper into roof shingles by scalloping one edge — opposite the corner. Stitch to the back of the house at the roofline (figure E).

5. Stitch wallpaper to the rectangular roof strip.

6. Embellish the house exterior by sewing on fabric flowers and fabric fencing (figure F). Stitch stems by machine.

7. Sew on photos and mica for window features (figure G).

8. Paint the inside of the house using watercolor paint.

9. Stamp a quote onto the inside of the house using alphabet rubber stamps (figure H).

10. Sew the house together and hand-stitch the buttons to the front of the house to represent door handles.

11. Cut out photocopies of people.

12. Use a sticker machine to attach photocopies to the mat board.

13. Cut shapes of people out of mat board with a craft knife (figure I).

14. Clothe the people with fabric, crepe paper and paper scraps.

15. Color the people and clothing using crayons.

16. Punch holes in the people and wire them together (figure K).

17. Attach the people to the inside of the house with wire inserted at each side of the house.

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