Big Ideas, Tiny Spaces

Four small homes show the ingenuity of their owners: an all-white warehouse, a Spanish bungalow, a crafty live/work space and a tiny do-it-yourselfer.

  • The space feels much larger than it really is because of the white floors and walls.
  • A good option for an open space like this is to put a bookcase room divider on wheels and move it around if you're having a party, for instance.
  • Taking something old and reinterpreting it in a new way makes it look cool and mod.
  • When putting a sectional in a small space, make sure it's the right proportion. Oversized furniture can crowd a space and make it feel smaller.
  • A wall- or ceiling-mounted TV saves floor and counter space.
  • Jerusalem stone on the walls and rich wooden cabinets make the room feel warmer.
  • French doors let in a lot of light.
  • The owner gave up a closet to create a larger dining area so she can entertain more people.
  • Radiators are usually dead space in a room, but adding shelves makes the area functional.
  • The dumbwaiter was outfitted to be a broom closet for storage of cleaning supplies.
  • These transformed barstools double as a coffee table and extra seating.
  • Wall color separates the living room from the bedroom.
  • Antique books add to the rustic charm against the warm red walls in the bedroom.


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