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Terra Cotta Cake Plate

Kriss Weber gives step-by-step instructions on how to convert a terra-cotta piece into a beautiful cake plate.

Construct this terra cotta cake plate upside down to retain gravity in your favor.

Materials and Tools:

12" terra-cotta saucer
4" standard terra-cotta pot
4" terra-cotta saucer
6" terra-cotta saucer
Aleene's Patio and Garden Outdoor Adhesive or Liquid Nails
acrylic paints: ivory, sage green, metallic rose, pink, metallic silver, black
Plaid One Stroke hydrangea decal transfers
high gloss polyurethane


1. Turn a 12-inch terra-cotta saucer upside down. Glue an overturned 4-inch standard pot to the center of the bottom of the large saucer with Aleene's adhesive or liquid nails

2. Glue a 4-inch saucer right side up to the overturned 4-inch pot. Add a 6-inch saucer, right side up, on the top of the 4-inch saucer. Allow the cake plate to dry upside down overnight.

3. Basecoat the entire piece in ivory acrylic paint. Add a second coat. Paint the outside rim of the flower pot sage green, when dry, add randomly scattered, ivory polka dots using the back of a paintbrush.

4. Paint the 4-inch saucer and the rim of the flowerpot metallic rose. Paint metallic rose flowers randomly scattered around the 4-inch pot by using the back of a larger paintbrush (one that makes about a 1/4-inch dot). Make a tight circle of rose dots to simulate flower petals. Add a large pink dot in the center. Add two or three green leaves to each flower. Using black paint and a liner brush outline parts of each of the flowers, not a solid outline, just lightly dashed here and there. Add white highlights on the flowers and leaves.

5. Paint the top rim of the 12-inch saucer metallic silver. Using diluted black paint, brush on and wipe off a small amount on the silver lip to age and tone down the silver color. Add the decal transfers to the top after all the paint has dried.

  • Cut out desired flowers from the pack of decal transfers.
  • Decide on placement.
  • Remove clear cover paper and position decals in place.
  • Wet the back and press down to cover the whole decal.
  • Peel off the backing and the decal remains.

6. Apply a coat of high gloss polyurethane over the entire piece. Add two more coats to the top, over the cake plate, allowing it to dry between coats.

Caution: Serve cake on another dish like a glass plate or cookies on a napkin or doily to keep the food safe for consumption.

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