Compact Compartments

These four homes may be compact, but they offer a lot of style and function with modern, artistic decors.

A Room With a View

It's not how much space you have, but what you do with it that makes it great. Take a tour of a downtown Miami loft built around the view, a tiny walk-up in New York, a high-style condo in San Francisco, and an apartment in Manhattan that mixes 19th century French decor with '70s kitsch.

Miami Loft With a View
As a young architect, Jason Adams wanted a space where he could flex his design muscle, and a loft with nothing but a view gave him that. When he found the 1,000-square-foot space, he saw the large windows and views and a lot of potential. Mostly he liked the unique layout that gave him the opportunity to design the systems and functions he wanted.

Keeping the living room furniture low and minimal but comfortable, Adams kept the focus of the room on the view of the Miami skyline.


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    • Craig Olsen
      Interior Designer, Bamboo Colony
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    • Jason Richard Adams
      Max Strang Architecture
    • Diana Marsh
      Designer, Fabbrica
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    • Alfonso Munoz
      Visual Artist
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