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Ribbon Photo Album

Helen Gibb creates a ribbon photo album.

Materials and Tools:

Album Kit - 10" x 11-1/2" cover size
5-1/4" x 3-3/4" fabric print
2 pieces thin cotton batting for album covers
2 pieces thin cotton batting for silk print
2, 14" x 14" pieces of gold dupioni silk fabric for album covers
2 sheets decorative paper for inside album covers
26" of 5/8" wide dark gold pleated crepe georgette ribbon
5-1/2" of 5/8" wide light gold pleated crepe georgette ribbon
19" of multi colored flower bud trim
1 yd. olive/gold leaf trim
19" of 1" wide cranberry striped ombre wire edge ribbon
15" of 1" wide purple striped ombre wire edge ribbon
4-1/2" of 3/8" wide pale gold silk satin ribbon
4-1/2" of 3/8" wide beige silk satin ribbon
4" of 5/8" wide olive green ombre wire edge ribbon
12" of 1 1/2" wide olive green ombre wire edge ribbon
12" of 3/4" wide green jacquard ribbon
5" x 4" crinoline
gold seed beads - optional
book - Ribbonwork presents a better understanding of how to make ribbon flowers.

Figure A


1. Glue a piece of batting to each album cover. Set one cover aside to be the front cover. Cover the back album cover with a piece of gold silk fabric, mitering the corners. Finish the inside of the cover with a piece of decorative paper (figure A).

Figure C

2. Print a fabric print using a cotton printer sheet and a photo from your computer. A suitable size is 5-1/2" x 3-3/4". Optional idea: use a pre-made fabric print. Place a piece of batting under the print and fold the raw edges of the fabric over the batting. Sew the dark gold pleated crepe ribbon around the print with small running stitches (figure C). Set aside.

Figure D

3. On the remaining piece of gold silk fabric, determine where the fabric print will be placed, and mark with pins. Measuring from the center of the print evenly space and stitch in place the olive/gold "leaf" trim to the fabric. This will form a striped effect on the fabric. Tip: Don't place any trim under the area of the photo (figure D). Accent the trim with seed beads.

Figure E

4. Sew the fabric print to the "striped" fabric, and at the same time attach the multi colored flower trim (figure E). Accent with seed beads.

Figure F

5. Make two large folded roses with 12 inches of purple or red striped ribbon for each rose.

  • Fold the ribbon across once.
  • Tightly roll it until the top of the rolled ribbon forms a round cylinder (figure F).
  • Stitch the base to secure ribbon folds. Do not cut the thread.
  • Fold the ribbon on the left, toward the back.
  • Tilt the coiled ribbon cylinder so it rests almost at the end of the diagonal fold.
  • The top of the cylinder should not rise higher than the folded edge of the ribbon.
  • Roll the ribbon cylinder beyond the diagonal and until the excess ribbon is situated to the left of the cylinder again.

Figure G

  • Secure the new folds of the ribbon cylinder.
  • Repeat until the ribbon is used up.
  • Finish the rose by folding down the last few inches of ribbon into the base of the rose and stitch to secure (figure G).
  • Trim the excess ribbon from the base of the rose.
  • Make one smaller folded rose using 4 inches of red striped 1-inch wide ribbon.

  • Figure H

    6. Make two small gold folded roses with ruffles using the satin silk ribbon and the pleated ribbons.

    • Use 4-1/2" of 3/8" wide beige and pale gold silk satin ribbons for each folded rose. Follow steps for item 5 (figure H).
    • Sew a u-gather ruffle using 5-1/2 inches of pale gold pleated crepe ribbon and 5-1/2 inches of dark gold pleated crepe ribbon.
    • Place a ruffled ribbon around each of the folded rose centers.

    Figure K

    7. Make two flat buds using 3 inches of purple and red ribbons for each bud.

    • Fold the ribbon at an angle across itself, so the ribbon almost forms a triangle.
    • Curl back the left edge of the ribbon.
    • Stitch and gather across the layers of ribbon as shown.
    • Pull the gathering tightly and wrap the thread once around the stitching and secure.
    • Make a calyx for each rose bud using 2 inches of 5/8-inch wide olive green ribbon.
    • Wrap the ribbon around the raw edges and secure in the back of the bud with a few stitches (figure K).

    Figure M

    8. Make three prairie point leaves using 4 inches of ribbon per leaf.

    • If the ribbon is wired, remove the bottom wire.
    • Mark the halfway point of the ribbon length and fold down one end of the ribbon at that point.
    • Fold the other half of the ribbon down.
    • Gather across the bottom going through all layers of ribbon (figure M).
    • Leaf Tip: Look at the ribbon on the back side and use the bottom of the "triangle" (bottom edge of the ribbon) as a guide to stitch on.
    • Gather the stitching very tightly, wrap your thread around the base of the leaf once, pull tightly and secure the wrap with a few stitches.
    • Cut the thread and trim the excess ribbon from the base of the leaf.

    Figure O

    9. Make three half boat leaves using 4 inches of ribbon.

    • Fold the ribbon in half.
    • Turn down the corner on the fold end of the ribbon and stitch along the edge with small running stitches.
    • The fold end will be the point of the leaf (figure O).
    • Slightly gather the ribbon and then secure the gathering with backstitches.
    • Open the ribbon, and sew across the bottom edge.
    • Gather the stitches tightly and secure.
    • Trim the tails of the leaf.

    Figure Q

    10. Sew the flowers and leaves to crinoline in an "L" shape pattern. Sew the large roses first, followed by the large leaves. Add the smaller roses and buds. Cut away excess crinoline. Sew the composition to the bottom left corner of the fabric print and gold silk fabric (figure Q).

    11. Place the embellished gold silk fabric over the remaining album cover and cover as in step one.


    • Album kit, fabric printer sheets, ribbons, trims, prefrommade fabric prints and autographed books from Helen Gibb Design Inc.
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