Selling to Expand

Our team of experts signs on to help a family sell their home before the new baby arrives.

Welcoming Exterior

Christine and Aaron Fleming are looking for a larger house to accommodate their growing family. Pregnant with their second child, they are quickly outgrowing the 1600-square-foot barn-shaped farmhouse that they have called home for the past three years. Can they sell the house before the new addition comes? The Designed to Sell team intends to help them do just that.

When real estate expert Bethany Souza arrives, she says that the curb appeal is quite welcoming. However, once inside and in the living room, she comments that the inside is not as welcoming as she had hoped. For example, the curtains hide the room's most charming assets, which are beautiful paned windows. Overall, she says the Americana farmhouse lacks the charming factor that buyers look for in older homes.

Next to weigh in is designer Monica Pederson, who issues a three-step plan to make top-dollar transformations to their home. Her focus is the living room, dining room and upstairs bathroom.

Step 1: Keep it coming. Match the interior to the exterior so buyers keep smiling after they walk in the door.

Step 2: Beat the blahs. Punch up the decor to pack the home with selling power.

Step 3: Get rid of the roadblocks. Open up the space so buyers can see what they're paying for.

Carpenters Chad Lopez and Robert North sign on to help.

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