Colorful, Pet-Friendly Bedroom

Meredith Wilson and Chris DeZutter turn their drab bedroom into a stylish retreat for dog lovers for less than $1,000.

Before: Bland and Boring

Meredith Wilson and Chris DeZutter love the colorful decor of their home, but their bedroom lacks pizzazz. They attempted a makeover in their bedroom once before, but the serene theme they thought they wanted now bores them. They need light for reading in bed and storage in the space, as well as style and color. Their dogs, Bert and Mollie, spend as much time in the room as they do, so pooch-friendly design is a must.

These dog lovers want a unique and colorful space where they can spend time with their dogs and each other. Here's how the Design on a Dime team creates a vibrant retreat for less than $1,000.

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