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Peaceful Patio

See how a lackluster patio is transformed into an inviting outdoor living area.

Although Joanne and Jos Purvis have a great view from their patio, it's lacking style and order. They want a peaceful place to relax with their morning paper and coffee. The design team of Lee Snijders and Charles Burbridge work to create a comfortable outdoor room for less than $1,000.

The Dilemma
The couple's home is a bit cramped inside, but the patio is spacious, and they would like to enjoy it more. Shabby shades provide purely functional privacy and need to be replaced. A bench surrounds the perimeter of the space, but it isn't sturdy enough to use. The space needs additional lighting in the evening, and they need a functional food preparation space to go with their new charcoal grill. The natural pond area also needs to be spruced up.

The Solution
The perimeter bench will get new, outdoor-friendly cushions and reinforcement, while lattice and greenery will provide ambiance and privacy. A new seating area will focus on a fire pit, while the dining area is moved to the side. A new slate surround is to be built for the pond, and new stone pavers will define the path. An old gardening table will be turned into a grilling station, and the fiberglass ceiling will get a makeover with lattice. Here's how the team gets it done.

Host Lee Snijders transforms the ceiling of the space by covering the whole area with standard 4 by 8-inch lattice.

Design coordinator Charles Burbridge creates stone pavers for the pond area using aluminum pie tins, river rocks, sand and quick-drying cement. He places the rocks into about a half-inch of sand in the bottom of a pie tin, making sure the surface of the rock is on the bottom of the tin. He carefully pours the cement over the arrangement and peels away the tin when set.

Panels of wavy lattice are used to create a new wall of privacy. Ferns in coconut-fiber baskets are hung on the lattice at varying heights to create visual interest. More plants are added to accessorize the space.

Charles revamps the perimeter bench by reinforcing it with simple L-brackets. He makes custom cushions for the bench with outdoor fabric in a smart black-and-white outdoor fabric. Straps with loop fastener are added to keep the cushions in place.

Lee gives a pair of vintage globe lighting fixtures a coat of black spray paint and hangs them in the corner near the new dining area for subtle lighting.

A cozy seating area is created using comfortable deck chairs and a copper fire pit.

Natural slate is used to dress up the pond and disguise its exposed black liner, and the new pavers are used to create a path from the patio.

The Cost

Lattice (no longer available) - Lowe's

Fire pit - $141

  • copper $119.99 - Mainly Seconds

Pond makeover - $89

  • slate - Lowe's
  • river rocks, 93432700327, $6.49 a bag - Michael Levine

Plants and pots - $155

Chimes and torches - $51 - Big Lots

Vintage pendant lamps - $60 - Goodwill

Cushions - $90
fabric - black / sand 2" stripe - JoAnn

Total - $998

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