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Living Room Becomes Modern

Staid living space turns into a modern sitting room.

Twenty-four-year-old Julie Omole is a go-getter whose first place in Philadelphia isn't nearly as hip as she is. Designer Betty Kim has an idea to turn Julie's staid living area into a modern sitting room.

Living Room After, View 2

Designer Betty Kim, host Jill Cordes and Julie's big sister, Eunice, pulled off this transformation by painting, sewing and using power tools and even dance to create a happening makeover. Gold paint and colorful accent pieces breathe much-needed life into the space. Julie and Eunice cut and put up molding around the fireplace mirror, which creates the illusion of a larger space, and the wall sconces on each side provide a warm glow.

Living Room Before, View 2

This angle shows the vast blank wall opposite the fireplace as well as the large window that allows in wonderful natural lighting.

Living Room After, View 2

The freshly painted wall is now accented by a colorful painting, and the large window is now adorned with homemade curtains.

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