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Living/Dining Area Goes Artistic

See how an awkward living space gets a cool art-gallery vibe.

Before Layda Morales and Derrick Payne got their own place, they lived with her mother and grandmother in her 10 x 10-foot childhood bedroom. By the time they move into their new 2,000-square-foot Miami home, the cavernous living and dining rooms feel like a sterile warehouse compared with the shoebox they were in before. Inspired by the pair's artistic taste, designer Franzella Guido plans to give the rectangular living/dining area a cool art-gallery vibe.

Designer Franzella Guido tackled the challenging open floor plan of this living area by dividing it into two artsy spaces. This portion shows what the dining room looks like from the living room. Homeowners Layda Morales and Derrick Payne already had a dining table and large mirror (on the wall at right), so Guido worked around those pieces with accessories like a custom spiral display case for their art glass.

The view from the dining room shows the living room's new sectional, a throw rug and coffee table. The finishing touch is the contemporary painting done by friends of the homeowners.


    • Franzella Guido
      15329 SW 111 St.
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      Phone: 303-458-4533
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